Identify & Understand

We identify and understand the needs for each RMO member, allowing our staff to provide the necessary resources for long-term sustainability. It's time to take charge!

Holistic Mentoring & Career Development

RMO aims for achievement and sustainable change in each member, both during and after the duration of each cohort.

Resource Availability

We connect each member with enthusiastic community agencies and educators who provide information on a variety of services and programs that would be beneficial to RMO participants.


Each RMO participant is equipped with an iPad to capture their meaning of fatherhood through PhotoVoice. Each father's objectives are the same, but the path to get there is whats unique.

About Us

About Us

Real Men Onboard (RMO)

The Real Men Onboard (RMO) mission is to empower men to take charge in understanding there mutual responsibility in the reduction of infant mortality and (S)pacing** issues.  RMO is free 12-Week course (Location: YMCA Melrose, Walnut Hills) focusing men within Hamilton County, that aligns each participant with the proper resources to effectively assist before, during, and after, the duration of a women’s pregnancy.  Participants engage once a week for one-hour and a half, learning the [specifics] from enthusiastic agencies and educators who have knowledgeable experience within pre-identified focus areas.

Furthermore, each participant will also receive an iPad, at no cost, for the duration of the program, allowing for the completion of online learning, PhotoVoice, reward incentive participation, and immediate access to a library of available resources.

**Spacing Wait at least 12 months between pregnancies to lower the risk of preterm birth.

Our Reasons Why

Why We Do We What We Do! It's Time To Take Charge!

Our mission is to empower men to take charge of their mutual responsibility in the reduction of infant mortality.  Through collective impact and sustainable outreach, we will fight to eliminate what no parent should ever have to experience, a lost child.  It’s Time To Take Charge!
We align men with the proper resources to be able to support, both efficiently and effectively, before, during, and after a women’s pregnancy. 
Let the statistics speak for itself, men need to be involved!  It’s Time To Take Charge!
Moms in Hamilton County who Experience Post-Partum Depression45.8%
Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index - Obese (BMI>=30)25.9%
% Increased Likelihood to Have a Preterm Birth if You Are on Medicaid in Hamilton County60%
Cincinnati Children Who Live Below the Poverty Line46.3%
Pregnancies in Hamilton County to Moms Who Were Assisted by Medicaid50%

Areas of Focus

As science continues to discover what causes defects and preterm births, we know fathers can help lower the risk by understanding their mutual responsibility in the categories below.


Infant Mortality

Intention to Pregnancy

Physical Health & Wellness

Resource Availability


Barriers & Facilitators


Mental Health & Wellness

Our Partners

Infant Mortality is an issue that spans race, economic status and education level. There is no quick-fix, and this complex problem needs a strategic solution implemented by many aligned organizations. Contact us with opportunities!

Our Team Leaders

The People That Make It Happen!

Our Lead Agency

Cradle Cincinnati

Cradle Cincinnati

Our vision is that every child born in Hamilton County will reach his or her first birthday.

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Areas of Focus

Spacing: increasing the time between pregnancies.

Evidence shows that premature birth is more likely if Mom gets pregnant less than 12 months after giving birth to her last child.

Smoking: reducing tobacco use.

Evidence shows that tobacco use increases the likelihood of premature birth and birth defects.

Sleep: improving safe sleep practices.

Evidence shows that babies sleep safest when they sleep Alone, on their Backs and in a Crib.

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Our Approach

Communications: Reaching women with simple, actionable messages that empower them to make healthy choices.

Medical: Improving care so that doctors provide standardized evidence-based care without judgment.

Community: Meeting families where they are so that they receive quality information from the people they trust the most.

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Our Team

Elizabeth Kelly, MD Co-founder & Physician Lead, Women’s Health

Jim Greenberg, MD Co-founder & Physician Lead, Infant Health

Ryan Adcock Executive Director

Eric Hall Data Director

Beth McNeill Associate Director

Ryan Mulligan Special Projects Manager

Lindsey Cencula Cradle Cincinnati Connections Director

Christie Carlson Maternal Smoking Cessation Health Educator

Jessica Seeberger Project Specialist

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Helping Our People

Pregnancy can sometimes be hard. Having a new born baby can feel overwhelming. Even small signs of support can make a big difference. Here’s how you can help today.

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Facts & Data

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Stay current with our progress!

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Annual Report

Why do we have such a high number of infant deaths in Cincinnati? Our report tracks the impact of more than 20 measures of pregnancy health and infant health.

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Monthly Report

We partner with Hamilton County Public Health to report monthly on our county’s infant mortality rate.

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Mortality Rates

Hamilton County five-year infant mortality rates broken down by zip code. Rates cover 2010-2014.

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Data Dictionary

A guide to how we define the infant and maternal health measures tracked in our report.

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